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You have questions...

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Q: Are you a Christian group?

A: Yes! We aim to be a reflection of Christ in all we do.

Q: Do you have to attend cooperative class days?

A: Yes. Your family (kids and one volunteering parent) will need to attend our cooperative class days. No student drop-offs. 

Q: How many cooperative class days are there each semester?

A: There are 9 class days each semester. 

Q: What does "parent volunteer led" cooperative class days mean?

A: All of our classes are taught by OHA parents. Parent led simply means that its a requirement to serve (teaching or helping) with our classes.

Q: Do you accept families that use EPIC?

A: EPIC is a charter school and therefore OHA does not enroll EPIC families. Our mission is to support families that do not use any state-based programs.  

Q: Are cooperative classes core classes?

A: No. Our cooperative classes are all extracurricular/enrichment based. Our goal is to keep classes fun and supplemental to whatever you are doing at home. We focus on literature and history in the fall and art and science in the spring. 

Q: $175 is the cost per semester, per family? 

A: Yes. Our fee is per family. No additional fees per child. Some classes have additional costs but they are minimal. Our members pay at the start of each semester so you will pay $175 in the fall and spring. 

Q: Can I bring my baby and preschooler?

A: Yes! OHA is for every age! We have something for birth through grade 12. Although, we do REQUIRE that your family have at least one school-aged child (kindergarten and above) to be a part of OHA. Our preschool and nursery areas are intended to be a support for families that have school-aged children that are participating in our cooperative classes.

Q: Where do we meet? What day?

A: Our cooperative class days meet at Catoosa First in Catoosa, OK on Thursdays from 9:30am - 2:00pm. 

Q: Are there other ways for us to be involved besides cooperative class days?

A: Yes! We have 2 family events each semester. Our History & Literature Fair in the fall as well as our Harvest Hoedown. In the Spring we have an Art & Science Fair and Family Potluck & Game Night event. We have monthly field trips and a mom group called Mama Bear. Families are strongly encouraged to attend events and field trips. 

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