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Cooperative Class Days

OHA Cooperative Class Days have different focuses for our FALL and SPRING semesters.  Each fall our classes are geared toward literature and history. In the Spring we are art and science focused. 


All classes are meant to be extracurricular and are not core subjects. These are topics that are often not covered at home or are lessons that can be studied in a different way to reinforce what is learned through core subjects. Keeping these classes fun and upbeat is the goal! After all, much of our cooperative day is purposed to cultivate relationship and community.

Our FALL semester concludes with a History & Literature Fair and our SPRING semester wraps up with an Art & Science Fair. Both events allow students the opportunity to showcase what they have been learning to friends and family.

Often many of our classes have bonus field trips or events that are outside of the cooperative class days that align with what they are learning.  Again, the idea is to allow children multiple ways of learning and keep it fun! We want to establish a love of learning that will stay with them long after high school! 




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