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birth through age 2

Discovering the DEEP and WIDE love of CHRIST

Baby Fountains

birth - crawling

Toddler Fountains

walking - age 2


Our Fountains will spend time snuggled on a lap or huddled on the floor turning pages of great books. Reading to our little ones is such a simple but beautiful way to speak life and love into them.


Classical music as well as classic children songs will fill the air as they learn to listen and sing along. Perhaps some instruments will be played and little dances danced! 


Both inside and outside play will keep our Fountains learning through hands on discovery.

Bible Baby

Using themed busy bins, our toddlers are able to learn through touch, sight and song.


Soil & Sprouts, Jesus is my Friend, and Animals, Animals Everywhere are just a few of the discovery bins used during Bible Baby.


Each lesson points them to God and his great love.

Music & Play

Our Fountains will love this time to make noise and be their own little musicians! This time will also be spent free playing while listening to classic children's songs.

Story & Craft

Creative messes will be had as the Fountains craft their way through the year! Each week they will work on a themed craft. Nothing is more fun than glue & glitter, right?! 

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